The Hawleys

I got to photograph Jena and Paul and their sweet little baby girl Eleanor last week and it was so dreamy. We met at Kasugai Gardens in downtown Kelowna which is so stunning and peaceful. If you have never been there then you need to go and check it out. This little garden is tucked away in amongst the busyness of the city filled with beautiful flowers and a pond full of koi fish. Jena and Paul are so fun to be around and their little girl is the sweetest. Their laughter, their soft caresses, and tender souls are so apparent to everyone they are around. They are about to welcome another baby into the family and although they will have their hands full with two littles, their hearts will be so full of love.. There is nothing better than watching your first baby grow into a big sister! Jena is a mama goddess and I am so honoured that I was able to capture these sweet moments before they become a family of 4! I can’t wait until this baby comes so I can get some fresh baby snuggles and capture what their new life looks like with two tiny kids. Sending so many positive birthing vibes their way. xo