There is nothing that ignites me more than documenting a woman’s journey to motherhood. Empowering her and connecting her to you, her babe, during pregnancy. The anticipation she feels as she rubs her belly and sings to you through her heart. She wants so eagerly to hold you and know you. She wants to protect and nurture you. She is so in love and hasn’t even met you yet.

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Then, as she works so hard through each surge, I get to watch her surrender to her breath, hear her roar and witness her strength, courage and beauty as she brings you earthside.

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She feels at peace. She feels calm. She feels overwhelmed with joy. I get to be there to watch them bond… they each curl their fingers around each other, they caress each other, they memorize the way the other smells. I get to document their first gazes as they stare so deeply into each other’s souls as if they have known each other forever making promises to one another through their gaze. Then you snuggle in, your body rising and falling with every breath she takes. She rubs your back and kisses the top of your head, your nose, and your fingers.  She can’t get enough of you. I see her change in an instant, from woman to mother… her whole world has shifted.

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You instinctively crawl to her breast for food, and for comfort. You already have full confidence that she will nourish you. I get to witness your first latch and watch your beautiful mother be overcome with so many emotions as she feeds you for the first time.

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You have found each other. You are home.

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