the Larson family 0D4A0789-2 I have known this family for just over a year now as our kids go to the same elementary school. This family is one of my alltime favourites. These kids have grown up surrounded by so much love---- it... VIEW POST
Motherhood Journey birth photography There is nothing that ignites me more than documenting a woman's journey to motherhood. Empowering her and connecting her to you, her babe, during pregnancy. The anticipation she feels as she rubs her... VIEW POST
Birth is… romantic, powerful, beautiful, raw, and vulnerable birth photography It is not.... gross, disgusting, dirty, perverted, shameful! “EW. I do not want to see what I look like in labour” “No one wants to see that” “I hope you have a splash guard on your lens” “I do no... VIEW POST
Costa Rica Adventures part 1 family lifestyle photography We are back from our crazy adventure and I thought I would blog about it and share our experiences. Traveling with 3 kids is not for the faint of heart. It definitely took a few days to find our groov... VIEW POST
The Buechlers maternity photography Well, one of my best girlfriends had another baby and I just couldn't be a more proud auntie. I love watching my friend's families grow. Watching them evolve. Their once upon a time baby is now a big ... VIEW POST
The Boois home birth home birth photography When  I started doing photography, I always knew that I wanted to capture birth. I have had three homebirths and had a photographer every time. I loved labour. I loved the high I got from it. I loved ... VIEW POST
The Boois maternity photography I don't even know where to start with this maternity session. Sigh.. Heather and Lance are just the dreamiest couple. They are about to have their first baby in a few short weeks,  which I get to phot... VIEW POST
The Hawleys maternity photography I got to photograph Jena and Paul and their sweet little baby girl Eleanor last week and it was so dreamy. We met at Kasugai Gardens in downtown Kelowna which is so stunning and peaceful. If you have ... VIEW POST
Bland Family newborn lifestyle photography MY BROTHER HAD A BABY!!!! My baby brother! SIGH. This was an emotional and beautiful session for me as I got to capture the connection between this new family of three. The love for this little girl i... VIEW POST