Bland Family

MY BROTHER HAD A BABY!!!! My baby brother! SIGH. This was an emotional and beautiful session for me as I got to capture the connection between this new family of three. The love for this little girl is so strong. And boy, is she special. She is one spunky girl with fire in her eyes and love in her heart. She has these amazing and mesmerizing big blue eyes that just reel you in and her HAIR!!! OH MAN!!! Honestly. Her hair is incredible. #hairgoals for sure! You can see the spirit is strong in this girl as she takes the whole world in.

Robert lives in Ontario with his wife, Kelly so it feels so bittersweet getting to know this little girl, knowing that we will forever be connected but I can’t just see her any time I choose. What was really special for me was watching my brother nurture and love this little girl with his whole heart. My baby brother has a baby girl and he loves her completely. He rocked with her, he wrapped her up and he carried her on his chest until she would stop crying. He played with her and he soothed her. Seeing him in this new role makes me feel so incredibly proud of him.

Robert and Kelly are so connected. Watching them together as they cared for little Ruby warmed my soul. The tenderness. The kindness. The love. It’s everywhere and Ruby is so lucky to have been welcomed into this family. She chose the perfect parents to explore this world with. And of course auntie will always be there to help and love her along the way as well.

And of course, I have to throw in a couple of me snuggling my sweet niece. Heart melting.